Why Salve Natura

Natural plant-based ingredients

It is important for us that all ingredients are of pure plant origin. Our products are therefore based on quality vegetable oils, wheat protein, corn starch and natural flavoUrs and essences.

Manufacture of meat-free products only

You really can't find animal products in our establishment, because we have no associated production and our technological equipment comes into contact only with plant components. We live according to these principles.

Products completely Without artificial chemical substances

We stand behind the fact that a healthy diet can easily do without artificial chemical substances and that the natural taste is the best. Therefore, you will not find any synthetic preservatives, aromas or dyes in our products. We are not following the easiest path, but the one we believe if healthy.

Vegan and vegetarian

Our products bear the original V&V logo, which is a guarantee that you buy a product exclusively and purely of plant origin. There is no trace of eggs, milk or other animal products. And as the logo itself suggests, they are of course also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Original recipes

From the beginning, we create our own recipes and original procedures and combine modern taste trends with tradition. We like to try new ways and innovations, but at the same time we stick to methods proven by almost twenty years of experience. Quality is still the most important thing for us.


The basis of our products is THE wheat protein, which is quite unique in the European context. Its undeniable advantage is that it can be very easily flavoured. Thanks to this, we can combine healthy food with selected and proven tastes and aromas.

Healthy smoking

Does this sound like a contradiction? And have you heard of so-called liquid smoke smoking? This technology, which we use in the production of our plant products, was invented in Canada in the 1960s and is considered the cleanest and most environmentally friendly way of smoking. The smoke, which is created by pyrolysis of quality sawdust, is condensed in water and further filtered and purified. Thanks to this, we know its exact composition and we know that it does not contain any dangerous carcinogenic substances.

Central european ingredients

Our products contain wheat that has grown in the fields of Czech farmers. We think that wheat is a traditional crop in our region and has been a natural basis of our diet for centuries, so there is no need to import it from anywhere.


Soy represents only two percent of composition of our products, and only as a technological ingredient. We make sure that our suppliers have the appropriate certificates, which guarantee that the soy is not genetically modified in any way.

Hot and cold cuisine

Our vegetable sausages are suitable for both cold and hot cuisine. In addition, when cooked, you can be sure that your dish will be healthy, light and fast.