Beskyd smoked

Beskyd smoked

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400 g

Beskyd Smoked is a new variant of the very popular Smoked. We achieved smoked flavors here by adding a natural smoke aroma. The main advantage of this new variant is much better durability, thanks to the multi-layer high-barrier packaging, which can withstand short-term storage outside the refrigerator, for example, when traveling.


Our tip:
It has many uses in hot and cold dishes. We recommend cutting into rounds or strips and frying in a pan in a layer of oil. By doing so you achieve a crunchy crust on the sausage. Then you can add the sausage to your favorite dish.

Water, wheat protein, corn starch, rapeseed oil, spice and seasoning mixture, soy protein, rice, salt, hibiscus extract.

Allergenic ingredients:
gluten, soybeans


1003 kJ/239,5 kcal

Fat 12,3 g
saturated fatty acids 3,01 g
Carbohydrates 11,9 g
sugars 3,07 g
starches 8,8 g
Fiber 1,92 g
Protein 19,6 g
Salt 1,64 g

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